General Dentistry Services

When you see the doctors, hygienists and staff at Fallston Dental Care, you’ll receive complete, comfortable treatment. You and your family will appreciate our gentle approach to the care of your teeth and gums.


We believe prevention should be the primary focus of dental care. A thorough dental exam every six months is the best way to stay healthy. During your dental exam, we’ll ask about your health and any concerns you may have. Then we’ll do a thorough cleaning and polishing, keeping your comfort in mind. Next, we’ll do a cancer screening, examine your teeth and gums to look for any problems like decay, infection or swelling. X-rays will help us see any concerns between your teeth and below your gum line. Then we’ll tell you the results and provide advice for keeping your teeth and mouth healthy until your next visit.


Dental X-rays help us see the condition of your teeth, roots, jaw and facial bones. We use digital radiography, which produces enhanced images with 50 to 70 % less radiation.


Fillings seal up the cavities that decay-causing bacteria create and prevent the decay from spreading deeper into your tooth. We use bonded tooth-colored resin to fill cavities. This type of filling is unnoticeable and strengthens weakened teeth.


Sometimes, because of damage, disease or crowding, a tooth must be removed. If you need a tooth extracted, we will explain the entire process and what you can expect.


During your exam we may recommend sealant. Sealants are a thin, protective coating of material specially designed to be applied to the biting surface of molars. Sealant helps protect molars from decay and lasts for many years.