Gentle, Advanced Dental Services

Guard your health and keep your smile in good shape with the help of the dental professionals at Fallston Dental Care. Whether you are new to the area, haven’t seen a dentist or dental hygienist in a while or have tooth, gum or mouth pain, Fallston Dental Care offers complete, gentle and comfortable care.

Convenient appointments. Pleasant visits. Most insurance plans accepted.

General Dentistry

If you want to take better care of yourself and increase your overall health, you need to see the dental professionals at Fallston Dental Care. A dental checkup not only results in a healthy smile, but it can often catch health problems in the early stages.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are self-conscious about how your teeth look, cosmetic dental services can brighten your smile and boost your confidence. We provide state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry that corrects imperfections and delivers whiter, brighter teeth.

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Restorative Dentistry

If you find yourself hiding your smile or eating on only one side of your mouth because of pain or missing or chipped teeth, restorative dental procedures can help.

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Advanced Services

At Fallston Dental Care, we utilize highly advanced technology such as state-of-the-art imaging equipment and infection control systems to provide you with the highest level of safety, comfort and care. We also use electronic recordkeeping and secure web services that create a better patient experience while protecting your privacy.

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If you, your child or teen has crowded or crooked teeth, gaps or spaces, or top teeth that don’t align with the bottom teeth, orthodontics can help. Our orthodontic specialists are right here in our office and offer the most current treatments available, including alternatives to traditional braces, like Invisalign®.

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Dental Implants

If you’re looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth that feels and functions like a natural tooth, there are many advantages to dental implants. We can fit you with dental implants, mini dental implants and bridges right in the comfort of our office, and get you smiling in no time!

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