Fallston Dental Care


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Patient's Name:

Date of  birth:  Age: 
If child: Name of presenting parent: 
Home Address                             City               State   Zip    
Home #   Work #   Cell #     E-mail address 
Occupation or School                                                   Grade/Full Time Student?                Social Security #                                         
Employed By                                            How long? 
Address                                    City            State  Zip    
Whom may we thank for this referral? 
What are your hobbies and interests? 
Other family members treated in our practice?  Who? 
Person responsibile for this account:   Patient        Husband/Father       Wife/Mother     Step Parent      Guardian 
Name of person responsible:  Phone:      
Address                                                                     City                         State            Zip           

 Primary Insurance                                                                                                     Secondary Insurance


 First                                                     MI                             Last 


First                                      MI                                    Last


Street                                                           City                           St          Zip


Street                                                        City                            St          Zip    


Home #                                                               Work #


Home #                                                           Work #


Birth date                               ID#                                 SSN# 


Birth date                            ID#                               SSN# 






Name of Insurance Co.


Name of Insurance Co.


Street                                                           City                            St         Zip 


Street                                                        City                           St          Zip

Whom may we contact in an emergency:  Name                                                      Relationship                  Phone#